08 December 2006

Climate Change: Green Prince, Charming?

According to an AP story by Sue Leeman, this morning, Bonnie Prince Charles is "putting his money where his environmentalist mouth is," and swapping his gas-guzzling private jets and helicopters for commercial flights, train journeys and biodiesel cars."

A longtime champion of green causes, the heir to the throne says action is needed now to avoid leaving a ruined planet to the next generation.

"From February, we are going to look at the diary and see what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint," a spokeswoman for the prince's London residence, Clarence House, said Thursday on condition of anonymity in line with royal rules. "Wherever possible, we will be making less use of helicopters and chartered planes and rely more on car journeys, scheduled flights and trains."

When my 10 1/2 year old son saw this news in this morning's paper, he asked, "Well, what about his sons -- what are they doing?" This coming from a boy who developed a "climate monitoring kit" as a science project in 4th grade and who "adopts" polar bears from WWF Canada. Well, does anybody know the answer?

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