26 January 2006

Peter Senge's Vision for an Interdependent Planet

Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline, founding chair of the Society for Organizational Learning, and Systems Thinking guru, examines interdependence and, in an excerpt on the Pegasus web site, explains the facts of climate change using an elegant "stocks" and "flows" illustration. Worth a look (see link below):

In his keynote presentation at the 2005 Pegasus Conference, Peter Senge examined some of the factors that make it so hard for us to understand the complex interdependencies that connect us to each other. First, he suggested that the accelerated pace of change that we are living today has brought us to a place of unprecedented complexity where it is fair to say “we have never been here before.” Second, he observed that we simply have not fully developed our natural capacity to see the systems of which we are a part. And finally, he noted that we are challenged to expand our temporal and spatial horizons to see beyond the limits of our own perception to anticipate the impact and consequences of the choices we make.

Read the excerpt here: Senge on Interdependence

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