04 October 2007

Innovation: Now You Can Give One, Get One Laptop Per Child

I've covered the One Laptop Per Child for the past two years on this blog. It's been a fascinating story to watch unfold. A lot has been happening of late:

The latest issue of Fast Company has a feature on Yves Béhar, the designer of the (almost) $100 laptop, now called the XO.

OLPC made a commitment valued at US$3M during the Clinton Global Initiative last week: Commitments

A couple of weeks ago, The New York Times featured OLPC's "Give 1, Get 1" campaign.

And today Seth Godin tells us he's already given five: The Give One, Get One campaign: Seth Speaks

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The Green Skeptic said...

Check out my blogging pal Menka's review of the $100 Laptop from earlier this week: http://www.whatsbubbling.com/2007/10/01/100-laptop/